Trisha, our hardworking Veterinary Assistant joined our team in 2022. She has worked in the veterinary industry for just under 4 years, and has great attention to detail. She has always been passionate about animals, specifically the veterinary field, since the 6th grade. Growing up, she always had a strong bond with animals, and was driven to do what she could to save them all. Originally wanting to become a veterinarian, as she got older, and learned more – she realized there were other career paths that involve animals, but still wanted to pursue becoming a veterinarian to be able to save lives and help them get better when they were sick or injured.

She started as a kennel manager at another vet clinic and worked her way up to being a vet assistant. She is currently in school to obtain her certification as a veterinary technician, as she approaches reaching her 4th year working within the veterinary medicine industry. Where she enjoys showing compassion towards her patients, and ensure they have a positive experience, with minimal stress.

“I like being able to help patients get better when they are sick or injured and being able to form bonds with them. It is also nice to be able to help pet owners understand the recommendations for vaccinations, preventatives, or overall health that may not have ever been explained.

I think overall pet care is in my own opinion a reasonable option, it can help prolong their lives and keep them healthier whether it be due to vaccinations, preventatives, oral care, or even the food they eat. “

In addition to a career revolved around the care of animals, Trisha also is very passionate about rescuing them! She has taken in many animals, and enjoys the heartwarming journey of watching them grow, improve, develop personalities, learn to be loved, and show trust again.

At home, Trisha currently has a Siberian Husky, Maine Coon mix, 2 Dwarf Polish rabbits, 2 Australian green tree frogs, and a 4′ ball python, all of which were either adopted or rescued when others did not want them. Her husky, named Max, knows a number of tricks by both voice and hand command. Trisha’s little family zoo wouldn’t be complete without their other humans; her husband Thomas and their two daughters Keisha and Nora.

Trisha is also a co-leader volunteer of her husband’s army units’ Soldier Family Readiness Group. When she has down time, she really enjoys fishing, camping, watching movies with her hubby, a good bonfire in the backyard with friends or family, and puzzles.