Courage Fund & Paisley Paws

Supporting families in need of financial assistance for life-saving veterinary care or specialty treatments, alongside providing free care to Wichita Police and Fire working dogs, ensures their handlers can focus solely on catching criminals and rescuing citizens.

Courage Fund & Paisley Paws Collaboration

We have teamed up with the Paisley Paws Charitable Veterinary Foundation to expand the reach of the Courage Fund, originally created to support local police and fire dogs. This enhanced initiative now seeks to extend assistance to our community by establishing a fund within our hospital. This fund aims to provide support for families who may struggle with the financial burden of life-saving veterinary care or specialty treatments.

About Paisley Paws

Paisley Paws is a non-profit veterinary organization dedicated to addressing the financial needs of the veterinary profession. Established to bridge gaps in funding, Paisley Paws offers direct grants to partnered hospitals, including ours. These grants are designed to aid families facing challenges in covering the expenses associated with life-saving veterinary care and specialized treatments.

In addition to its grant program for hospitals, Paisley Paws also plays a pivotal role in supporting scholarship grants for veterinarians, technicians, and veterinary students. Furthermore, the organization is committed to promoting mental health within the veterinary community, contributing to overall well-being.

How Does It Work?

Paisley Paws will match 20% of all life-saving, life-enhancing donations made to Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills. 100% of these donations will be applied to Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills’ Paisley Paws fund and will be used at the discretion of our doctors and staff on a case-by-case basis. These donations made to Paisley Paws are tax-deductible!

How Do I Lend a Paw & Donate?

Direct Donation:

  • Click here or Scan the QR Code
  • Select the frequency of donation (One-Time, Monthly, Yearly)
  • Choose the “Life-Saving Fund” option to directly support Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills
  • Select how you’d like to donate (PayPal, Debit Card, Credit Card)

Monthly Fundraisers:

  • Join our monthly events for a fun way to contribute.

Rounding Up at the Hospital:

  • Donate spare change during your hospital visit.

Merchandise for a Cause:

  • Purchase plush dogs and t-shirts

The History of the Courage Fund

The Courage FUND is managed through Paisley Paws, a non-profit charitable veterinary organization, established to fill the gap and to assist with meeting the financial needs in three specific areas within the veterinary profession, as well as Nash, Sailor, Boomer & future COURAGEous dogs we meet.

Since 2016, Dr. Gary Stamps, founder & veterinarian at Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills, has provided free veterinary care to the Wichita Police Department’s K-9 Belgian Malinois, Nash, pictured here with his handler Dustin Nail. Nash has since retired and lives with Officer Nail, who now has Enzo as a K-9 partner.

In 2018, the Wichita Fire Department got its first Search & Rescue dog, Labrador Retriever Sailor, & we volunteered our care as well. She is pictured here with her handler Captain Chad Winton.
Photography donated by Linda Werhan Photography.

In 2020, The Wichita Police Department added a Bomb Dog, Golden Retriever Boomer, to its Bomb Squad & we said yes when asked if we would provide free veterinary care. He is pictured here with his handler Sergeant Stephanie Neal.

We feel like Officer Dustin Nail, Captain Chad Winton, and Detective Stephanie Neal give enough to our great city, that we are more than honored to be able to offer our veterinary services to them.

Questions? Ask Tracy McClure with Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills at [email protected]