Our Hospital

Our mission is to strengthen the human-animal bond as we solve veterinary problems in dogs & cats and equip the people who LOVE them.

Dr. Stamps Starts

Dr. Gary Stamps and his wife, Stacey, launched Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills in Wichita, Kansas, in 2008.

Love-Building Support

He created a place where his patients & their families could feel connected & supported while experiencing outstanding medical care.

Dr. Hand Joins

Dr. Stamps has practiced 31 years & now has an associate veterinarian, Dr. Rachel Hand.

  • We are open during the lunch hour.
  • We adjust our schedules when your pet needs immediate attention.
  • We are up-to-date on veterinary advances.
  • We will connect you with specialists who could help your pet further, if needed.
  • We remember faces and names. We will say “hi” if we see you at the grocery store.
  • We are your neighbors, your veterinary clinic, & hopefully, your friends.

Please give us a call at 316-729-7400 or schedule an appointment today.