Tracy loveictvet


Tracy is our sensitive & compassionate registered veterinary technician and Practice Manager who had so many pets growing up in Albert, Kansas, that it just made sense to work with dogs & cats full-time.“I love pets. I love the fact that I can help be a voice for pets who cannot speak for themselves,” she said.

Her philosophy about pet care is that “every animal deserves care, respect and to be happy and healthy,” she said. “They are here for us, and we should be here for them too.” Tracy graduated from Colby Community College with an associate degree in Applied Science and has been a Kansas Registered Veterinary Technician ever since. She joined Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills in 2014.

Tracy treats all patients as if they were her own, & said she enjoys the challenge of helping dog and cats. “We have patients who can’t tell us what is wrong or where something hurts,” she said, “and it is our priority to figure it out.”  

Outside of work, Tracy enjoys spending time with her daughters, Sheldiah and Cailyn, and her husband, Roger. The family is rounded out by one dog, two cats, and a bearded dragon: Toby, a Boxer; Cookie, a Siamese mix who loves attention; and Charley, a long-haired black cat who she rescued after being left outside and was brought in by a client. She loves to eat and sunbathe. Tracy also enjoys scrapbooking and fishing when she can find the time. At the end of the day, she said she loves to come home to her pets “because no matter what happened while I was away, they are all there to greet me when I walk through the door.”