Torin pic


Torin is our kind and understanding receptionist. His strong love for animals has brought him into veterinary medicine so that he is able to see them each day. This position brings him a new adventure after spending eight years in human medicine as a nationally licensed pharmacy technician.

Torin was raised right here in Wichita, with mostly cats for pets, but remembers getting their first family dog when he was a junior in high school. He says, “My most interesting pet memory would be our cat Max, was out in our yard, stretched all the way out on his back batting at a very tightly curled up garter snake.”

When asked what it is that he likes about veterinary medicine, he responds, “Even on the busy days, it is such a positive environment between seeing the patients and interacting with the other hospital staff.” He advocates for client’s pets to receive the best possible care, as well as trying to provide the least stressful experience possible.

Torin’s strong bond with all animals is shown in the interactions at the hospital, but also with the interactions with his own pets. “They are my fur babies and I want them to have the best possible care”, Torin said. He also mentions that he tries to split the interaction time between all his pets to give every one of them equal attention and interaction times. How awesome is that! His family with his wife Kassandra is rounded out with three cats, Curiosity, Niiah, and Kalder. As well as two dogs, Maple and Kuma. They were all acquired from rescues: Caring Hands Humane Society, PALS, WAAL, Beauties and Beasts, Pyr Paws and Fluffy Tails Rescue. Torin says, “Maple and Kuma love adventure. They love walking and going to the park.” Torin says Curiosity, Niiah, and Kalder all love lap time and getting all the attention they can get.

When he is not working, Torin loves to read, play video games, watch movies and tv shows, camping and doing things with his animals. He is also a member of the National Thespian Society as well as an Eagle Scout. Torin says “I am very excited to be a part of the Animal Hospital at Auburn Hills healthcare team!”