Misha 2023


Misha is our loyal, energetic Office Administrator and dedicated inventory go-to who joined our team in 2015. After working five years as a veterinary receptionist, she decided to move onto human medicine for the next five years, only to get drawn back to the furry, four-legged patients when she joined our practice. “I love working and helping our patients, but also educating clients”, she said.

Misha was born and raised here in Wichita. She and her husband, Matt, and son, Xander, keep busy and entertained with their two dogs, Riker and Tilly, and their kitty Faith. Riker, a Heeler/Pit mix, and Tilly, a Hound/Pit mix, both love to go to her family’s cabin and to go on walks. Both dogs were adopted from local rescues, WAAL and Beauties & Beasts. Family kitty Faith was adopted from KHS and when asked what Faith’s favorite activity is, she says, “Keeping the dining room chairs from floating away!” How funny!

Misha is very passionate about many things in her life, most of all including her family. They love spending time together, where they will frequent her family’s cabin at Toronto Lake to fish and jet ski. Even the dogs love it!